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Dreadlock Services



Here at 3 Little Birds Salon we have spent many years crafting our dreadlock methods to what we believe is the most effective and natural way of creating and maintaining dreadlocks. We use zero products outside of Dollylocks, a 100% vegan product line made in small batches out in Florida- instead of product we use the back-comb and crochet method. This virtually handcrafts each and every dreadlock perfectly. Whether getting a new set of dreadlocks or just maintaining the dreads you have already been nurturing , we believe we would be the perfect addition to your dreadlock journey.

For more detailed information about starting a brand new dreadlock journey, or information about the human hair extensions we offer, click here.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call us at (303) 861-2333

Service Full Head Half Head
Dread Journey
(start of brand new dread babies)
$500+ $250+
Dread Journey w/ Extensions
(brand new dread babies with extensions)
cost of hair
cost of hair
Extensions Installment -
(Adding human hair extensions to existing dreads)
cost of hair
cost of hair
Human Hair Cost $130/ per pack
Dread Maintenance
(up to 3 inches new growth only )
$75/per hour
Dread Recovery/ Removal
(Neglected dreads, extensive body work)
Single Dreads $15/ each
Single Dreads w/ Extensions $27/ each
Dread Wash and Dry $30
Add on Detox
(Dollylocks professional detox)
Add on Scalp Treatment $25
**Price Subject to Change **
**Half of the Cost of Service due upon booking**