Are you like me, spending more time than you should with dry shampoo?  I personally am a pretty busy lady and I use a LOT of dry shampoo to save myself time. Come day 6, things start to get a little itchy and it’s finally time to cave, but can you imagine what that build up does to your scalp?  Like, could you imagine doing that to your face? Gross!  Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE dry shampoo. Its an amazing miracle product created by unicorns or something like that, but you have to make sure you give your hair a break.  Now friends, I would like to introduce what might be my new favorite product: MAXI.WASH by Kevin Murphy.

This is an exfoliant for your scalp, and its not just for us dry shampoo addicts. Its actually for anyone, no matter what your hair or scalp type is.  Dry itchy scalp that flakes into dandruff? Maxi.Wash. Oily scalp that seems to produce grease the second you get out of the shower? Maxi.Wash.  Are you one of those blessed people that has a perfect head of hair? Maxi.Wash will give you a clean you never knew was possible.

The people at Kevin Murphy are geniuses. They use ingredients normally just for skin care, but for your hair instead!  Maxi.Wash uses tea tree oil, witch hazel, grapefruit extract, and thyme to balance sebum levels of the scalp while also removing pollutants and build up from the hair shaft. Oh, and it’s completely color safe! The first time I used this product I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful my scalp felt, and how truly clean my hair looked. The tea tree oil gave me a tingly feeling that I never wanted to end, and the witch hazel helped prevent my scalp from getting immediately oily like it tends to do.

I do want to make one thing clear though. Maxi.Wash is NOT a clarifying shampoo.  Clarifying shampoos are more harsh alkaline shampoos that open up the cuticle allowing it to remove impurities/hair color.  For you science nerds out there, Maxi.Wash has a PH of 5.5 which closely mimics that of our natural hair.  This means that it doesn’t constrict or expand the cuticle, adding extra stress.  In fact, Maxi.Wash isn’t really a shampoo at all. It’s a detoxifier.

So how exactly do you use Maxi.Wash? Sparingly! Maxi.Wash should be used once a week before you shampoo. Gently massage a generous amount of the product into your hair and scalp, but don’t scrub. You will notice that it doesn’t suds up, and that’s totally normal. Make sure to leave it on for at least a minute for it to really do its magic, although I usually leave it on for about 3 because I like the way it feels on my scalp.  After rinsing the product from your hair,  shampoo and condition with your favorite Kevin Murphy Wash and Rinse.

And that’s it! An additional two minutes in the shower is all you need to create a healthy foundation for your beautiful locks. MAXI.WASH by Kevin.Murphy is a revolutionary product that uses the foundations of skin care to treat both your hair and scalp. Be sure to pick up a bottle (or three) next time you’re at your local Kevin.Murphy salon!   It has benefits for every hair type, and your scalp definitely wont regret it!  For more information, check out the Kevin.Murphy website.